Buy Local Booster:
Increasing the impact of expenditures

Ch@nging money …. make it work for communities!

STRO introduces the Buy Local Booster. Our FinTech software, Cyclos, reprogrammes money in poor areas so that it “works” more intensively for local/regional communities. Cyclos FinTech unlocks the economic and personal opportunities in these regions. The result is more income and more jobs. In the end, there is less need for people to migrate from their hometown/region. We call this the Buy Local Booster.

More turnover with local money

Today, we see that money, the tool that has the potential to connect local supply chains, leaves too soon towards financial centres, large external shops and online shopping. Hereby, money leaves local economies long before it has facilitated local production for consumption nearby – in the own community or region. This makes it difficult to be an entrepreneur or for local business to create local jobs.
STRO develops tools to keep money for a longer time in the local economy – circulating longer – and thereby facilitating more trade between local businesses. Additional revenue for local entrepreneurs is created, who in turn, spend this extra income at other local SMEs. This is good for the local business climate, employment, social connections, and sustainability and economic resilience.
The keystone in this is our award-winning payment software ‘Cyclos‘.

What can Cyclos offer you?

Cyclos offers a user-friendly, secure payment system. Presently, over 10 million unbanked people in poor regions worldwide are using the Cyclos facility for mobile wallets. Cyclos also contains tools to increase the impact of existing flows of money and to introduce counter cyclical Social Trade Credit. Cyclos received various awards. Among these the reward by the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation in 2014 as most innovative payment software with a great potential to contribute to the fight against poverty.

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