What will your money be spent on? 

If you join the crowdfunding you know that your money will be invested to organize a showcase of this new tool to stimulate the economy in underperforming regions. We focus on five showcases for which $10 million is needed.These showcases can be expected to start an avalanche of regions that also want to use this approach. Make it possible for others to copy our success—which is our intention.

We plan to create at least two showcases in those communities where a lot of people and businesses already use Cyclos software (see map above). That will reduce the cost of involving the community and providing them with mobile wallets. Local providers of these communities already have the technical know-how to run Cyclos and serve a lot of customers. Their users are familiar with the Cyclos e-wallet, so it is easy to add a second wallet. Clearly this impact can only be realized in economies that underperform and where markets function without too much friction because of corruption.

for 120 MILLION



You can nominate regions!

You might know a region where the government is eager to increase the impact of their expenditures. Or where the employment opportunities have been reduced in the last 5 years, because a big company closed its doors. Or a positive reason: a region where the population agrees on the need to escape poverty. Or a discriminated group with a growing level of self-awareness? These types of regions or groups have favourable conditions to become a showcase. Please share your knowledge and indicate which region might be suitable to implement increased local circulation.