What do we do with your personal data

The current money system causes poverty and environmental problems. That is why the STRO Foundation develops alternatives. STRO’s new e-book, Ch@nging money, enables you to get to know the different possibilities that are now available. The probability that @nother kind of money will be used at scale depends largely on the number of people that are aware of these opportunities. Therefore, it is important that you get the chance to share the e-book with those people who you think are interested. To help you, we allow you to share the book for free.

Requirements for distribution of the e-book for free

STRO does not believe in the commercialization of people’s personal data. Therefore we collect as little information as possible. We offer everyone connected in this “e-book network” to receive the STRO newsletter. We do that twice. If someone does not request to be on the mailing list, we delete the email address from our server.

STRO Website

The only cookies used by the STRO website are cookies from Google Analytics. We configured Google in such a way to protect your privacy to the best of our ability. We masked all ip addresses. We disabled all data sharing settings.

STRO and Data Protection Officer

Stichting STRO, located at Oudegracht 42, 3511AR Utrecht, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.

The Data Protection Officer of STRO can be reached via info@socialtrade.nl.